Not sure what fitness program is right for you? We’re here to help! Sign up for a Free Intro, and we’ll put together a plan that fits your time, goals, and budget! Stick with the plan, and you’ll get amazing results…guaranteed.

CrossFit Group Classes

Our classes are just the right mix of fun and fitness. Every class is lead by a professional coach, who is there every step of the way to make sure you get the most of your time in the gym. Every workout will be modified to be challenging, but still doable. The social aspect of working out with friends is a huge motivating factor for many of our members. Come for the fitness, stay for the friends!

Personal Training

Working one on one with a coach is an option for athletes of all levels. Our private sessions are designed just for you, with your goals, abilities, and likes/dislikes in mind. Simply put — for most people, private training is the fastest way to reach your goals! 

Available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. We can do sessions at our facility, or travel to your home or workplace. 

Nutrition Coaching

Whether you’re trying to lose 50 pounds of body fat, or add 50 pounds to your back squat, your nutrition and lifestyle choices are the key to success! The perfect complement to any fitness program.

We focus on building better habits that will last you for life — NOT crash diets, crazy calorie cutting, or making you feel guilty. 

We’ll custom-make a plan of action for you based on your goals, your food preferences, and trade-offs you’re ready to make. 

Corporate Well-Being

Corporate health & fitness programs are huge win for everyone involved! Companies who promote a culture of health & fitness see higher job satisfaction, fewer absences, and lower health care costs.

Active employees are healthier, happier, more productive, and handle stress better.

We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of your company, whether you have 5 employees or 500. 

Body Composition Scans

Sometimes clients get frustrated by the number they see on the scale. However, the weight you see on the scale is NOT the whole picture of your health & body composition!  

Using our state-of-the-art body composition scanner from InBody, we can show you a much more holistic picture of your body composition, including your body fat %, muscle mass, water retention, and more. 

Available to members & non-members.

Initial scan + consultation: $40
Scan only: $25